About the RSAC

What does the RSAC do?

RSAC is short for the Rotterdam Student Alpine Club. The association focusses on sport climbing, bouldering, mountaineering, skiing and any other sports in the mountains! There are various SACs throughout the Netherlands, such as the ASAC in Amsterdam and the USAC in Utrecht. In 2020 the RSAC was founded, as the best city in the Netherlands should ofcourse have a SAC as well!

What activities does the RSAC undertake?

Every Thursday evening at 19:15, the RSAC boulders at Beest Boulders Rotterdam. On Mondays at 19:45 RSAC members go climbing at Klimmuur Rotterdam. We also organize weekends and outdoor climbing courses in Belgium. Various winter activities are organized in the spring through the NSAC. This include ice climbing courses and ski trips. In the summer, there are opportunities for rock climbing and mountaineering. Beginners can take the first steps on the glacier in the C1 programme while the experienced mountain climber puts the finishing touches in the C3 programme. Read more about these trips in the alpinism section.