Welcome to the Rotterdamse Studenten Alpen Club

Thé mountain sport association of Rotterdam

What does the RSAC do?

De RSAC is dé studenten sportvereniging voor klimmers, boulderaars en andere bergliefhebbers. Samen met andere leden van de vereniging wordt er wekelijks geklommen en geboulderd. Daarnaast worden er klimweekenden, alpinismeweken, skicursus en andere activiteiten georganiseerd. Nog geen klimervaring? Geen probleem, met behulp van de cursussen die georganiseerd worden vlieg je zo de muur op!

Would you like this? Then contact us and join us on one of our climbing evenings on the Monday at Klimmuur Rotterdam or our bouldering evenings on the Thursday at Beest Boulders. Both evenings always start at 19:30. Everyone is welcome and experience is not necessary. In the meantime feel free to browse around the website and see what we have to offer.

With sporty regards, 

Christiaan Biesterbosch, on behalf of the board of RSAC

+31 6 54994112

Participate in one of our climbing courses

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Beginner climbing course

Start your climbing career with a toprope course at the klimmuur. In september and october there are multiple beginner courses, after which you can climb independently in any climbing gym!

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Outdoor climbing (OV single pitch course)

Make the transition from indoors to outdoors! During september and october we organise a climbing course during which you learn to lead climb single pitch routes outside. 

Climb with the RSAC!

Boulderen bij Beest Boulders Rotterdam
Boulder Thursdays

Elke donderdag om 19:30 boulderen bij Beest Boulders Rotterdam! Iedereen kan een keertje mee komen boulderen, van beginners tot gevorderden.

Climbing at Klimmuur Rotterdam

Elke maandag om 19:45 wordt er geklommen bij klimmuur Rotterdam.

Join our winter activities

In the winter there are endless opportunities in the mountains. For instance, one can go ice climbing, tour skiing or mountaineering. The NSAC organizes multiple courses, join us in the mountains this winter!

Learn mountaineering in the summer

In the summer there will be multiple alpinism courses via the NSAC. The beginning explorer sets their first steps in the C1, whereas the experienced alpinists make difficult tours in the C3.

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