Would you like to become more active at the RSAC? This is possible by becoming a member of a committee! For the year 2022-2023 we are looking for members who can help to make the association grow further. On this page you can find more information regarding the committees at the RSAC.

Time indication: when becoming a part of this committee, we expect that you have scheduled time for it. A time indication is 1-2 hours a week, depending on whether an activity is approaching. The amount of fun you get out of the committee, depends on how much energy and time you put into it!

The klimCO (climbing committee)

In the climbing committee you have the opportunity to organise all climbing related activities. Think of climbing weekends, boulder trainings, climbing competitions and trips to other climbing gyms. Together with the committee you can be as creative as you want. Take the opportunity to explore all corners of the sport (speed climbing, drytooling, everything is possible).

TheActCie (activities committee)

Throughout the year, the social activities committee (ActCie) will organise several events. Examples are the cyling dinner🚲, mooie boules, new years drinks, bowling 🎳, end of the year barbeque. Organising these events has been lots of fun, especially with the committee drinks/hanouts in between. 🍻

The AlmanakCie (Year book and newsletter committee)

The AlmanakCie will make a year book at the end of the year with photos of all of the activities and fun quotes. They also help make the RSAC newsletter every quarter to send out to the members. 📸📒


Sign up for a committee via this link