4e bestuur der RSAC

The board is responsible for the running of the association. In addition to a chairman, secretary and treasurer, this year there are also the positions of climbing commissioner and promotion commissioner. The board changes every year. If you are interested in what the board does exactly and whether it is something for you, send an email to secretaris@rsac.alpenclub.nl, we will be happy to tell you more about it! All the old boards can be found here .

Voorzitter: Stefan Looren de Jong
Email: voorzitter@rsac.alpenclub.nl

Vice Voorzitter: Hasse van Leeuwen
Email: vicevoorzitter@rsac.alpenclub.nl

Secretaris: Mara Gilesse
Email: secretaris@rsac.alpenclub.nl

Penningmeester: Marta Kubacka
Email: penningmeester@rsac.alpenclub.nl