There are lots of learning opportunities in climbing. At the moment the RSAC does not offer courses, but we will start soon.

Indoor toprope (IT, beginners course)

During this course you learn to safely toprope in at the climbing wall. This is the first step in your climbing career, and it will inspire you to join one of our climbing weekends in belgium.

Indoor lead climbing (IV)

In this course you learn to lead climb at the climbing wall. You learn how to lead belay, how to efficiently clip and how to hold lead falls.

Outdoor lead climbing single pitch (OV-SP)

As soon as you are an indoor climber, you can start your OVS training. Here you learn to safely climb a few lengths of rope in the rock. When you master all techniques and you feel comfortable climbing the rock, you can indicate that you want to take the exam.

Outdoor lead climbing multipitch (OV-MP)

In this course you learn how to climb multiple pitches. This gives you the opportunity to climb longer routes, sometimes hundreds of meters long. After this course you may consider to continue to become a climbing instructor.

Trad climbing

In this course you learn how to climb in areas without bolts. You learn how to place nuts and friends (gear you can place in order to climb without bolts). This is for example useful in alpine terrain.

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