The SponsorKlik app

With SponsorKliks on your phone or tablet, the chance that you forget to SponsorKlik decreases.

After all, you will see the SponsorKliks icon between the other apps and you will receive a notification when a transaction has been made and money for Rotterdamse Studenten Alpen Club comes in again. This way you can also easily check how much your transaction has contributed. In the app you can set which notifications you want to receive.

The total commission amount is always immediately visible in the app and you can click through to see all transactions.

The app is available for Android and Apple. After you have installed the app, select your association and save it. Every time you go to a store from the app, SponsorKliks knows that the commission must go to the Rotterdam Student Alpine Club. Via the menu you can indicate under "notification settings" which notifications you do or do not want to receive.

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Screenshots of the app.
Select Rotterdamse Studenten Alpen Club, view the balance and click directly to the transaction overview or the shops and change the message settings (notifications).