Score for your Club

Dear members, fans and supporters,

We have great news for you and for us: we are participating with our club in Score for your Club with Dappre: a unique way to automatically save Euros all year round for our club and for yourself: for example for your membership contribution, gift cards from participating businesses and much more.

You can save up very easily by making purchases at Score for your Club entrepreneurs. Businesses themselves decide with what amount or percentage of your spending you can save with them. You can easily see this in the Dappre app. Hundreds of businesses are already participating!

Participating is very easy.

  1. Ga naar onze Scoor voor je Club pagina to immediately activate our Digital Club card in the privacy-friendly Dutch passes app Dappre. You do not have to create an account and no personal data is requested.
  2. Simply and securely link the Digital Club Card(s) to your own payment account(s).
  3. Pay at Score for your Club Partners by debit card and you automatically save for our club and for yourself! You don't have to show passes. Paying by card = score!
  4. In Dappre you can see where and how much you are saving and see how your savings balance is increasing!
  5. Each month, the amount saved automatically goes to the club(s) you want to save for. You can save for your contribution, vouchers and gift cards from participating businesses via Personal Xtras. Nice!

Buy locally, support our club and save for yourself!
We're in, are you?

Have fun saving!

The board