Single pitch course september/october 2022

In september and october there will be a single pitch lead climbing course organized by the RSAC. In this course you learn how to safely climb bolted single pitch climbing routes outside.

Can I participate?

To participate there are several requirements:

  1. Being a member of the RSAC
  2. Having an indoor toprope certificate
  3. Climbing level of 5B or above
  4. An NKBV klimjaarkaart, which grants you access to the climbing areas
  5. A NKBV mountain insurance, or an equivalent insurance that covers mountain sport accidents.
  6. Beschikbaar tijdens alle klimavonden en beide weekenden

Course structure

The course consists of 4 evenings at Monte Cervino and 2 climbing weekends. The dates are:

  • Avond 1: 7 september
  • Avond 2: 14 september
  • Avond 3: 21 september
  • Weekend 1: 24 and 25 september
  • Evening 4: 5 october
  • Weekend 2: 15 and 16 october


The costs of the course are:

  • The entrance costs of Monte Cervino for the evenings
  • The costs for the two weekends: 60 euros per weekend (45 euro + 15 euro instructor fee)
    • This includes transport, camping and food
  • Own material:

How can I sign up?

You can sign up via a form using this link..