Boulder with RSAC

Monk Rotterdam

Our standard boulderlocation is Monk Rotterdam. Here we boulder every Thursday from 20.00 onwards. Everyone is welcome to join! You don't need any experience. You do have to reserve a spot, you can do so via the website.

Technique training

Do you want to perfect your technique? This year you can join technique trainings offered by the trainers of Monk. They take place on:

  • 6th of November, 16.00-17.30 for beginners (until 6b, the bleu boulders in Monk)
  • 27th of November, 16.00-17.30 for advanced (from 6b onwards, the green boulders in Monk)

There are a limited number of spots, so send an email to if you would like to join!

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is climbing close to the ground, up to 4.5m. There are safety mats instead of ropes. Bouldering is often a lot of puzzling, in which you sometimes use acrobatic moves to get to the top. Although it is possible to go bouldering alone, it is often a lot of fun to solve problems with a group.

Accessible for everyone

In contrast to climbing at the climbing gym, you do not need to follow a course to go bouldering. The only thing you need is clothes in which you can move comfortably. You can rent climbing shoes at the bouldering gym (although it is sensible to buy your own if you go regularly).

Join us bouldering!

Elke week zullen we donderdag om 20.00 boulderen bij Monk Rotterdam. Op maandag zijn we te vinden bij de klimmuur Rotterdam. Vanwege de coronamaatregelen moeten we plekken reserveren, dus mocht je graag een keer aansluiten om het boulderen te proberen, stuur even een mailtje naar en dan regelen we dat!